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  • Project is situated in Bayyavarm in WG Dist of AP.
  • Proximity to State & National Highways, Railway Station, Port and Airport
  • Major Town & Railway Station: Kovvur 25 Km
  • Ports: Kakinada 110 Kms and Vizag 250 Km
  • Airport: Rajahmundry 40 Km, Vizag 250 Km and Vijayawada 150 Km.
  • 132 KV power available within 5 Km (facilitating construction and plant start-up)
  • Availability of water from River Godavari within 5 Km
  • Located near Coal Mines
  • Proximity to natural gas pipeline 8 Km away for future link
  • Availability of trained manpower
  • Plant is located in industrial backward area and all setting up the unit in backward area will accrue to Govt. of AP and Govt. of India





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